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About Tracy Muusic

Notice: This site will be shut down soon. Please find Mr. Tracy's compositions on the Internet Archive. Thank you.

About using this website: Welcome to Tracy Muusic. This website was originally developed to publish the music of Lane Tracy, a Unitarian-Universalist choir member and composer-lyricist. The site has now been made available to other composers who wish to publish music that was written primarily for use in Unitarian-Universalist congregations and has not otherwise been published. The scores posted here may be downloaded, printed and performed without charge in religious services and other nonprofit events. If you need permission for a commercial use or performance please contact the composer. Do likewise if you need parts or wish to make special changes in the score.

You do not need to log in to search for new music. Simply select one of more of the following:  Composition Type, Topic, Keywords, and/or Composer. (To select more than one type or topic press the CTRL key while selecting.) Several works will appear with access to pdf copies of the scores and MP3 audio files of the music. The Topics list is drawn from the UUMN Index of Music for Themed Worship. Works that are posted here may also be listed there.

If you are posting a composition of your own you will need to log in. There is no charge for posting your music.

Many of the works listed here have been performed.  If a good recording is available it is inserted as the MP3 download.  Otherwise the "performance" is generated by computer.  For the unperformed works you have an opportunity to present the World Premiere.  If it results in a good recording we would love to have a copy.

Printing scores:

The pdf scores you can download from this site have been saved at 600 dpi and produce high def printouts on a good printer.  Note: the printed copies look much cleaner than what appears on your screen.  The scores have been carefully prepared with attention to readability and accuracy.  The downloaded pages are generally designed to print on 8.5" X 11" paper.  Many of the scores are prepared to print on 8 or 12 pages.  If the printed pages are paired together in the proper order they can easily be printed on both sides of 11" X 17" sheets and folded into a score.  For an eight-page score, for instance, the pages would be arranged in pairs as follows:

First sheet front:  8, 1     First sheet back:  2, 7     Second sheet front: 6, 3     Second sheet back: 4, 5

If your church has a printer that can handle 11" X 17" paper the cost is much lower than it would be for a published score of the same length.