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About Tracy Muusic

About using this website: You do not need to log in to use this website.  Simply select a Composition Type and several works will appear, with access to pdf copies of the scores and audio files of the music.  If you have visited the site before, the most recent additions are "The Eyes and Ears of God" in the Theology section and "Morning So Fair" in the General Interest section.

About the composer:

Welcome to Tracy Muusic, a website for publication of the music and poetry of Lane Tracy.  The music is intended primarily for church choirs.  I also wrote the lyrics of most of these works.  As I am a Unitarian Universalist (and have been for over 60 years) the lyrics often reflect that bent.  This website makes those works available for your consideration and performance.  A few instrumental arrangements are also presented.

Most of my music and poetry has been written since 2000 when I began preparing for retirement as a Professor of Management.  Although I had composed an anthem as early as 1962, I had no time to pursue that interest.  Instead I spent decades writing and publishing prose, including three books and dozens of articles and papers on business topics.  As retirement approached I decided it was time for something different.  This website displays the results.

About the music:

In the last ten years I have composed more that two dozen choral works plus a few instrumental arrangements.  I am an amateur composer, holding no degree in music and playing no instrument except the computer.  My training in the field consists of nearly 70 years of choral singing; many thousands of hours of listening, mostly to classical music; and several courses in music composition and related topics.

To preserve my amateur status--and because no publisher was interested--I decided to offer my music free of charge under Creative Commons license.  All of the compositions and poems listed in this website may be downloaded, copied, read and performed for noncommercial purposes without charge.  If you need permission for a commercial use or performance please contact me at  You may also contact me at that address if you need parts or wish to make special changes in the score.

Most of my music is traditional and late romantic in character.  It could easily have been written a hundred years ago.  As a singer I seek interesting vocal lines, thus my writing is somewhat polyphonic.  As for the piano accompaniment, since I don't play the piano I write what I hear.  I did take courses in instrumentation and orchestration and I try not to provide unnecessary difficulties for the pianist.  If I have failed in that attempt please feel free to modify the piano part.  In the instrumental works the same may go for flute, violin, cello, and guitar parts.

Some of the works listed here have been performed.  If a good recording is available I have inserted it as the MP3 download.  Otherwise the "performance" is provided by my computer.  For the unperformed works you have an opportunity to present the World Premiere.  If it results in a good recording I would love to have a copy.

Many of the choral works have been written with a Unitarian Universalist audience in mind.  Those that are of more general interest have been collected in the category General Interest.

Church music is often chosen to fit a particular topic or occasion.  I have tried to help you sort out my anthems by grouping  them in categores such as  Special Occasions (holidays, ingathering, welcoming new members), Special Topics (cooperation, meditation, balance), Theology (deism, humanism, religious naturalism), or Ritual (prelude, meditation, benediction).  Non-choral works are collected in the Instrumental category.

About the poetry:

Music is the primary focus of this website but I have also written the lyrics of most of the choral works.  Indeed many of my compositions began with the words and this has encouraged me to write poetry in recent years.  This website wilI present a few new poems each month in a separate section of Poetry.

Printing scores:

The pdf scores you can download from this site have been saved at 600 dpi and produce high def printouts on a good printer.  Note: the printed copies look much cleaner than what appears on your screen.  The scores have been carefully prepared with attention to readability and accuracy.  The downloaded pages are designed to print on 8.5" X 11" paper.  Most of the scores are prepared to print on 8 or 12 pages.  If the printed pages are paired together in the proper order they can easily be printed on both sides of 11" X 17" sheets and folded into a score.  For an eight-page score, for instance, the pages would be arranged in pairs as follows:

First sheet front:  8, 1     First sheet back:  2, 7     Second sheet front: 6, 3     Second sheet back: 4, 5

If your church has a printer that can handle  11" X 17" paper the cost is much lower than it would be for a published score of the same length.